comb. form forming adjectives meaning:
1 deserving of (blameworthy; noteworthy).
2 suitable or fit for (newsworthy; roadworthy).

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a combining form of worthy, occurring in adjectives that have the general sense "deserving of, fit for" (blameworthy; newsworthy; noteworthy; trustworthy), "capable of travel in or on" (airworthy; roadworthy; seaworthy), as specified by the first word of the compound.

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comb. form deserving of a specified thing


suitable or fit for a specified thing


from worthy

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the adjective employed as a second element in a number of compounds, of which only a few have come into regular use, as blame-, note-, praise-, sea-worthy. The earliest instances, occurring in the 13th century, are later variants of forms in -wurthe (OE. -wyrðe), as dere-, luve-, stalworthi for earlier derewurthe, etc., = OE. déor- and stælwyrðe. Other OE. examples, as nytwyrðe, are not represented in ME., and there is app. no direct connexion between OE. þancwyrðe and the late ME. thankworthy. Of new formations the 13th cent. affords deathworthy, the 14th blame- and thankworthy, and the 15th sale-worthy; the 16th adds faith-, honour-, praise-, note-, fault-, and name-worthy, and the 17th worship-, wonder-, scorn-, fame-, laugh-, and labour-worthy. The common sea-worthy is not recorded before 1807, and more recent formations include mark-, song-, battle-worthy, and irregularly from verb-stems, teach- and paint-worthy.

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